Best Sea Kayak Sun Gloves?

Looking for warmer weather sea kayaking gloves to protect the backs of my hands sun (anything I can do to reduce the need to slop on more sunscreen is welcome).

I have two pairs of OR sun gloves, both full finger and the fingerless. Very light and comfortable and dry quickly. They are on sale a lot of places now.

Buff. I have two pair. Bought them five years ago. Not a single loose stitch, still fit well and do the job.

Rigging gloves, like for a sailboat, have stood up the best re wear for me.

Thanks @Celia, what make and model do you use? Full-fingered or half?

Thank you @Rookie, they have a few models - which one do you suggest?

The least expensive ones, since they all offer sun protection. Unless, of course, you like zany patterns. :wink:

Thanks @Willowleaf - what’s the palm made of?

I’m wondering if a glove with the wrong type of palm material or too thick palm material could bunch up and chafe when wet.

I use West Marine’s brand for summer, 3/4 length fingers. Gill’s are good too.

Use NRS full neo gloves for most of my paddling season. Pogies for any winter paddling, barely ever these days.

@Celia, Great idea to use sailing gloves as they should made to be quite durable. Which of these West Marine gloves are closest to your summer gloves?

Which NRS full neo and Pogies models? (Slowly gearing up for fall,spring and winter paddling too).

The gloves are mainly a silky pale grey stretch knit with the palms being a lightweight synthetic suede. I have an earlier pair of the OR fingerless ones of similar material that I used for 13 years until losing one in 2017. I’ve had other gloves (NRS and other brands I can’t recall) but I prefer the light and unlined OR’s so I was glad to find my local paddle shop had both styles recently and am glad to have replacements now. I’ve trashed several pairs of light paddling gloves over tge years but that OR pair seemed to be indestructible. I even kept the lonesome single glove in case its mate ever showed up.

I like OR (Outdoor Research) clothing for paddling — their designs, material choices and the quality of their clothing tends to make any stuff of theirs that I get my favorite and most used. This includes their gloves, hats, rainwear and thermal fleece. Tough, functional and well made.


The short fingered gloves from West Marine for summer, because they are rigging gloves they still go a little further down the fingers than regular paddling gloves. Mine are grey and blue but they could have changed their vendor.

For other than quite warm water and most of my paddling year, the basic NRS Hydroskin gloves (full fingered).

My pogies are buried at the moment and I forget the brand, I think some brand focused heavily on whitewater. But they are all fairly similar. The biggest diff between is how much is involved in pulling your hand out of the pogie to do something. The ones I have are a little easier to get my hands out of than the NRS Mamba pogies. Pogies also lend themselves well to making them by hand, I know people who have and who have incorporated a fleece lining. I have used them for less challenging winter paddling.

When I did true winter paddling on stuff where I was more comfortable with a normal hand grip, I mostly used diving dry gloves. Like from a scuba shop. The same or cheaper than paddling gear and work well, as long as you keep wiggling your fingers and are patient with getting them on and off. They are a bear that way.

My mukluks are also actually diving dry boots. Which would not be dry one you got them totally immersed over the top but they are intended to work with a diving dry suit. The only caution with them is they are a thicker mil and hot on a summer day compared to the same from Chotas or equivalent.

Took a pic of the OR Chroma sun-gloves. The faux suede palms are seamless and perforated – that makes for good grip without being hot or chafing. Niether that or the knit backs get waterlogged. No insulation but great for UV blocking on hot days. The full finger ones are most protective and with a long sleeved shirt keep me from sunburn all the way to the wrist. They are like the pair I’ve had for years, only the old pair wasn’t perforated.

I use SPF 50 to protect from the sun but have tried several gloves to prevent blisters. These are Buff Aqua gloves after 35 miles. They work fine, only thing I don’t like is the thumb which tends to roll down, creating a ridge right at a main pressure point. I don’t think they are really designed for kayaking.