Best sea kayaking school anywhere

my experience
I worked for two, four-month stints on Orcas Island. They came and did some training with our staff, and I was impressed. Moreover, my co-workers, many of whom were very experienced kayakers/instructors were also awe-struck. I am not a kayaking expert, but they did make me much better. I do know about instruction, though, and can say they are top-notch at that. Their also very supportive of kayakers at all levels in instruction and at their shop.

As much as I good swing or steal!
I would pay as much as I good lay my hands on for such paddling!

In 2009?

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Absolutely! July may be tricky and would depend on exactly how the time fell, because we have a standing commitment in Maine. For the rest of the year, I'd just need enough lead time on dates so that one of my town/gown orchestras could draft a replacement second violin section leader if needed for a concert during that time.

As to cost - whatever is fair. Kinda hard to guess that right now except to figure that the dollar isn't going to get any better.

Only reason I mention 2009 is that later 2008 could be a little tight on $. But that doesn't mean that we'd be unwilling to find a way...

Pick an area
There are good instructors in lots of areas, maybe you should pick the place or type of water you want to paddle first.

I had a great class from Body Boat Blade. Good lessons from Ginni at Columbia River Kayaking - really fun to work with and very skilled. Jen in San Diego? Hear good things but have no experience. Chris Mitchell of South Wind Kayaks has moved to Bellingham WA, I think. Kiwi - is very good not sure exactly where he teaches. And many others in WA state alone. How about Anglesea in the UK? There must be tons of others.

I’ll put in a plug for Columbia River Kayaking’s BCU week and Lower Columbia Roundup (LoCo Roundup) in July or August. Camp out at Gini’s farm. Classes for all levels with instructors from all over. I did a training with Axel from Holland. So far I’m planning on going again.

Oh and don’t forget Nigel Foster - not sure what his schedule is but he does get around.