Best seat w/lumbar support?

Just took the maiden voyage in my new Stellar S14S. Thing performs well, fast, good glide, etc. Only problem is the lack of a seat with lumbar support. My other kayak is a Current Design Gulfstream with a seat I like. I can paddle for hours without the need to stop and stretch out my back. Looking for recommendations. I want to keep the center of gravity as low as possible yet still have back support. Thanks for any help.

I also have a new S14S that I haven’t paddled. It came with a seat that felt good the one time I’ve sat in it. Sitting for a minute has little relationship to paddling and I have a remodeled lumbar spine.
I don’t know who makes the seat but I got the boat and the seat from Marshall at The River Connection.

Mine had no seat. Found a lumbar support pad and butt cushion on the Stellar website. Hopefully I can get it dialed in.

The Stellar back bands look good. Wish I had known about them when I had the S18S.