Best shot to find surf on the Gulf?

Between Apalachicola and Panama City, FL

Not very good chance

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Unless a hurricane is nearby. That region is renowned for it's flatness ...

see here for instance:

As anywhere the best places are exposed points or Concave curved bays with shallow bottoms that focus the small waves into something ridable.

Was afraid of that

Better chance if you head West
If there is any kind of frontal system passing through you can get some OK waves. Get over to the Pensacola area, Santa Rosa island and you have a chance of finding some good surf. Go to Gulf Island National Seashore at the western tip and there will be miles of nice beach that are practically empty. If there is a High pressure over the area though the water turns to glass.

Further southeast…Venice is the
best spot

particularly during November.We can get 5-6 swells and have been out in 6-8 footers in the Tempest 165.

Sort of like looking for a
Hot Young Thing in a retirement home.

Lived my whole life on east and south
Coasts. “surf” is a relative term not to be confused with any thing in the pacific.