Best Sit on Top for the money

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If i decide to buy a SOT instead of a sit in,
What is the best Sit On Top for the money (rivers and lakes)?

-carrying capacity

I’ve owned many
Tarpon 160 series is fast and versatile, but was a little heavy. Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro was maneuverable but not the fastest or most stable. Good surfer. Now made by RTM and called the Tempo. My favorite is the Cobra Tourer (have one for sale in the classifieds). Fast, stable and great storage.

It depends
On where you would paddle it. And on your weight, height and skill level.

If I had tohave just one it would be my Tarpon 160, but the Tempo, Midway, and Cobra Expedition would all be in the running.

If I just wanted to daytrip, surf, and play in rivers then the Cobra Revision would beone I’d try.

RTM Disco
I have an RTM Disco. It is sleek; fast & handles well both in calm & rough waters. Length 14’; width 26" & 50#'s. Would highly recommend if you are looking for performance.

If it suits your needs …
Backcountry’s outlet site has the Necky Vector 13 WITH rudder for $769; 100 shipping to a business addy, 150 otherwise. Their regular site list the same hull for 1150. New model year? New colors? I don’t see any mention of model year changes on the Necky site.

My son turns 12 tomorrow and wanted his own boat… I couldn’t resist :wink:

Anyway, I hope this helps,


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Necky came out this year with a SOT
Vector14, it is narrower, a bit heavier, but I’m thinking–maybe I may try one out.

and you have advice?

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Native Watercraft Manta Ray 14
Awesome boat, but heavy. More maneuverable than the Tarpon, high sides make it better in moving water. I loaded mine up with camping gear and couldn’t tell much difference in the paddling. I’ve played in Class II+ whitewater and it was a hoot. Not as fast as the Tarpon though, but close.

I paddled an RTM Disco and although
I am too big for the boat,it handles very well in the water and is much lighter than the Tarpon or Manta Ray.I think it is made in Europe.