Best site to share photos

Which site do you use to share paddling pictures?

I was thinking either webshots, photobucket, or montypics. Are any of these better or another one that I don’t know about? Thanks.

I have not used any of the other sites you mentioned, but I have used webshots for years.

They have never deleted my albums or lost any of my files… I still use them.

I like the fact that I can upload video’s that are too large to email to my family.

If you want to use hotlinks
get the premium ($25 and year) at Their free service is OK for sites like this one.

Google’s photo service. It’s free and you don’t get junk mail asking you to buy photos. Very easy to share.


picasa got my vote
and i have gotten a few friends to like it as well…

I use Ofoto which was acquired by Kodak sometime back. Pretty decent and very easy to navigate.

P.Base My Favorite

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Sloopsailor here on encouraged me to switch when I was having problems with all the banners, pop-ups and flashing adds on Webshots. Plus, I heard that Webshots owns YOUR photos when you put them up there. P.Base is easy to useand customize, no adds, no spam, and the photos are yours. I know Sloopsailor and RPD here also use it. Here's a link to mine to check it out. WW

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If your willing to pay a little, has been excellent and has unlimited space for $30 a year (I paid much less buying 5 years at a time).

The site is very reliable and functional.

I have alot of pics on webshots but…
I am quickly liking picasa more- it has more pic tweek options. is a 1st rate photo site!!!
I started using when I took lots of pics at my son’s Cub Scout events and I got tired of e-mailing pics and trying to burn CD’s for people. I coudn’t be happier.

You pay $40 each year for the service, but it has unlimited storage space, unlimited traffic, pics can be as large as 12MB, and is VERY easy to use. They won’t send you e-mails or bug you or others with popups or other junk.

You can create multiple galleries. Any gallery can be password protected if you want to, plus you can make them private so search engines won’t find them. I use a password for galleries that have Scout pictures - pics of other people’s kids.

Your friends and family can step through gallies a pic at a time or run a slideshow. They can download any pics you allow them to. The default is to allow downloads, but you can turn that off if you want to keep some pics “yours”.

You can add captions and viewers can leave comments.

It has a very good print service - uses the highly rated 3rd party printing service - where your friends & family can have selected pics printed and sent to them for a reasonable price. won’t allow non-family-oriented pics, so you won’t be embarrassed by “other stuff”.

I’ve found the free services to have all sorts of limitations. Either you need to order a certain number of prints/year, or pics can only stay so long, or something. There is always a price to pay.

I’m not connected to in any way other than a very satisfied customer. Smugmug actually has a referral program that credits me $10 and you $5 if you join and you enter my referral coupon code - b8wLL0z3zSIyY. I’m don’t really care about the $10 for me, but it would save you money too.

Is a really nice service.

I found a photo site comparison on-line:

lots of capacity and relatively idiotproof. Even for me.

My evolution
I started with Webshots and grew tired of their problems and policies.

Switched to Picassa and love it. Picassa is simple to use. Basically when you start the desktop program of Picassa, it kind of takes over and organizes your pics for you (kinda creepy). After that, you just pic your photos and send them to web albums. Nice and simple.

But, I do like the look of PBase, but can’t comment on it’s features.


What he said.

picasa does not organize the pix tho
it just identifies them and where there are…then shows them to you in a order by age…

works great…

i just wish it had the option to mkae a photo book like iphoto does on a mac…(had to use the neighbors mac to make 4 wedding albums)

on picasa you get a LOT of space for free…

“You are currently using 179 MB (17%) of your 1024 MB.” and i have a lot of pix and videos in there…


I’ve been using Yahoo Photos, but they are shutting that down & I just switched to Shutterfly. The transition was easy, even kept my photos in their existing albums. It’s free & no limit on how much you can store there. It’s easy to share photos, but it’s not a backup service (I also have my photos on 2 hard drives, which I burn to CDs periodically).

I agree
It is a real bargain and has more features than any site I know about. The prints we have ordered are of very high quality.

Organizing photos
In Picasaweb, when viewing an album, click “Organize” to organize the photos.

In Picasa2, you can toggle between flat and folder-tree structure and sort by creation date, recent changes, size or file name.

Quote from
Why pay when some sites are free?

-No ads or promotions surrounding your photos.

-Unlimited storage and traffic.

-Ability to retrieve your photos anytime.

-No requirement for your visitors to register.

-No threat of losing your photos if you don’t buy prints.

-Ability to view big, clear photos.

-Gorgeous themes to personalize your galleries.

-Full-screen slideshows.

-Real, knowledgeable & friendly humans to answer your emails quickly.

-More safety for your photos. Pay sites rarely close; many free sites—even from Yahoo, Adobe, HP, Canon and Microsoft—have closed.

One last thing, they invite html mods

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For those with html experience or html desire, they have a very active forum that has html and photography help.

They encourage customization and inovation. Customization options increase with the level of your account.

For a $150 a year you can get the pro account, a few more options regarding customization, and the option to tack on a little for prints for your profit. Last year I almost made enough to pay for my subscription. :)

Trying photobucket
I am giving photobucket a try but am having trouble trying to figure out how to share a photo album without letting everyone have access to my account. Can anyone help or am I wasting my time?