Best smartwatch and apps for kayaking?

Hello! Looking for a fitness tracker that does all the usual stuff (heart rate, calories burned, miles, spotify) but that ALSO knows how to track and evaluate kayaking performance. Any recommendations? Currently considering the Garmin Venu2+. Any kayaking apps appreciated, too!

Welcome. I have a Coros, which I chose because of battery life, weeks vs days on the Garmin lineup, and the fact that they provide frequent updates. The watch has a “Flatwater” mode that will count distance, stroke rate, heart rate etc. Also makes a pretty nice map of where you went when you open the activity on the accompanying phone app. There are other paddling modes as well as tons of other sport modes.

I have a portfolio of weather and navigation apps, but honestly they are unusable on the watch; too small to see with any detail. I use those on the phone to plan my route, sync the basic route up to the watch which will give me a breadcrumb trail. I haven’t found on-watch navigation good enough to rely on it in terms of being able to see any map details on the small screen; always work off the phone.


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Personally, I like my Garmin Instinct (that I have had for just over a year.) Garmin has some models that will play music, not sure if they use Spotify.

I would suggest downloading and reading the manual for the Venu2+ to see if it does what you want.

Hopefully, someone who has that actual model will add some comments to this thread.