Best Solo for Fishing

 I am looking for a solo canoe for panfishing small lakes. I have 2 DY Specials but would like something with a little more room inside. Have thought about the Wenonah Prism. Any suggestions?

Prism is nice, good lake boat.
But,do you need the extra length? Its on my list of canoes I’d like to own, I fish large lakes and sometimes do longer trips on some rivers and it suits that kind of thing. For small lakes, the Vagabond will do well. In fact, it will work for 90% of what I want a solo canoe to do. It turns easier than a longer canoe and has a fair amount of room. Either boat will work well for pan fishing. The most fun I’ve had pan fishing was out of a 9.5 ft kayak…great for getting into small holes and tight corners.

Also in W.PA
I have used my Bell Magic fishing locally and in the BW. Probably no more room than the DY Special though.

I have a Swift Shearwater that has loads of room and behaves reasonably on lakes with some wind. i also like it on rivers such as the Allegheny.

For smaller moving water like the Yough, Juniata, the Slippery Rock I have an MR Guide. Would not use the guide on windy lakes as first choice.

BTW I’m 6-3 and 220 so I appreciate the larger/higher volume boats.

Email if you want more info.

I own a Prism in the Kev Light layup. It’s an outstanding canoe to fish from especially if you like to paddle a ways to get to the good spots. A good combination of speed and stability. The sliding pedestal tractor seat lets you adjust trim on the fly and the footbrace lets you get a bit of extra oomph into every stroke. I primarily use a 260 cm double blade to cruise from one spot to another and the canoe will fly. I can get almost the same speed using a bent shaft paddle, but prefer the double. A straight shaft is nice for positioning while fishing.

I’m a pretty big guy at 6’ 3" and 240lbs. The canoe tracks well and gives me no handling difficulties in the wind. If you are not a big guy you will need to haul some extra gear to help the canoe get a “bite” on the water so to speak.

The Prism will haul a fair amount of fishing gear and is great for weekend trips into the backcountry. My typical load is 2 rods, a tackle bag, bailer, sponge, daypack, 2 smallish coolers (1 for cold drinks and lunch, 1 for the fish), and a folding camp chair for shore breaks (sometimes a hammmock for naps). There is still plenty of room left to add another pack if I want to stay out for the weekend.