Best solo kevlar fishing canoe/kayak?

I’ve done a lot of canoe and Kayaking and have fished out of both.But it has been a long time since I was in the market to buy one.

I still have a very old 16 ft.Kevlar wide U hull double canoe but it is shot out,gunnels are gone and so is the cane.Also fishing alone in it is a chore.If I’m in the stern the rig looks like a huge slip bobber given how the bow comes out of the water.Any wind at all and I’m in for a fight .

My retirement toy will be the best light Kevlar solo canoe or fishing kayak i can get . I’m a “big” ( read that over weight) 6 foot 230 lb fella.I could go with a foot steering rudder set up. Light is one of my big needs.Shoulder shot up by the NVA back in WW Vietnam, Use to be able to muscle up heaver car tops but no longer want to even try.I fly fish and bait and spin cast .

Came across this site while surfing around trying to get re oriented to the sport. Hope some one can make some suggestions foe me to look into .Thanks for any suggestions

Not sure
Kevlar isn’t very durable on the rocky rivers I fish.

If lifting is the issue, consider a heavier canoe and a trailer. For the difference in price between a kevlar canoe and a heavier plastic one, you could afford the trailer. Just something to think about.

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I am not as big as you
but I fish from a Hemlock Peregrine (also use it for tripping) and I find it works very well for me. It is 15-9 feet long and in the premium lay-up weighs in a 32 pounds. Maximum capacity is stated at 350 pounds. Give it a look: under the Falcon series.

not a solo but works just like one solo

check out Ranger Canoe… read the review i just posted… most of my young life we paddled old allumacraft 17’ canoes, even learned to solo them at 13/14 years old… so everything since has been a sinch… but of all the boats inbetween… the Ranger Otter (the only boat they make just like the MR Melacite) initial stability seems tipppy at first but onece you trust her, your golden… I soloed her after a tornado front went through the other day with high winds and waves… also 1/2 the price of the malecite… and its like picking up nothing at all… also check out some other reviews on models your intrested in here… my eyes got sore before I settled on the Ranger

Placid Boatworks

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Rapidfire is the boat I use to fish from. I installed a large cane seat on custom runners installed by the builder. Put a backrest on the seat and can fish for 10 - 12 hours with no problem. Nice and light yet still very tough. A fast boat too. I'm 6' and 275lbs.