Best SOT for rough seas.

What SOT can handle rough seas well? I’ve heard that the OC Prowler can. Also, anyone using he Current Design Sot? FishHawk

Cobra Fish and Dive. Big, stable,
the Cadillac of fishing kayaks for fishing in the ocean. There are others that are good, including other Cobras. The OK Big Game works, as does the WS Ride. Generally, a wide SOT about 12 ft wide seems to work best for coming back into the surf. Wide is better for handling the bigger fish one may catch in the surf. Look at the Malibu’s too. I assume you are talking about for fishing near shore, usually within 2 miles of the launch point.

A 12 foot wide SOT sounds more like a raft to me.

Mean’t 12 ft long (acutally 12"6").
It is kind of a raft…36" wide.

Kaskazi Dorado
Designed for the Indian Ocean.

Big bucks.

Hobie Adventure
The Hobie Adventure. Definitely the best SOT in a strong current or a strong wind compared to any other SOT kayak.

But how about manuerving coming
back in on a rough surf? Its long, a shorter kayak will do better. Also, the Fish N Dive is a better platform for fighting 50 lb or better sharks for fighting bull reds.

The Kaskazi Dorado, etc ARE designed and tested for rough ocean work and for fishing in those conditions. Everything else I’ve seen in the current SOT offering is a pool toy compared to those SOT kayaks.

kayak fishing or playing in the surf?

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Yes, the longer the kayak the more difficult it is coming into the beach in a rough surf. But with practice you can land a 16-ft kayak in the surf. Many do it all the time.

I'm not sure where FishHawk plans on kayak fishing. I usually go out in the Chesapeake Bay and the Delaware Bay and to me what defines "rough conditions" or at least a rough chop is when the wind is blowing in one direction and the current is moving in the opposite direction of the wind. The Hobie has no problems cutting through waves. However, what I think is the roughest conditions or at least the most dangerous is when the wind and current are moving in the same direction and you are going against this current and wind. I've know people who where at the mouth of the Delaware Bay where it meets the Atlantic Ocean and caught in these type of conditions. They could not get back into the Del Bay where they launched and had to beach the yaks ocean side until the current changed going back into the bay. I would not want to be in a barge like the the Fish N Dive in these conditions. I've heard of stories where people were at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay near Virginia Beach and were caught in similar conditions of going against a strong wind and current and the guys in the Hobie kayaks had tow back the non Hobie mirage kayaks.
So if you plan on spending most of your time playing in the surf then you may be better in a shorter kayak but if you are going a couple miles off shore and want a sleek fishing kayak that will get you back to shore in strong current and wind conditions then go with a Hobie.
There is no other brand SOT kayak that matches the THRUST power of the Hobie mirage pedal system kayaks. The Kaskazi Dorado is probably the fastest traditional SOT and like others said will also do very well in rough conditions. But for me after owning an Ocean Kayak Prowler 15, Ocean Kayak Caper, Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 and Tarpon 140 and now the Hobie Adventure I now much prefer a Hobie pedal kayak for fishing especially in rough conditions.

If its ocean surf, the shorter kayak is
better. I’d much rather hit a head wind with big waves than have a following sea. Wave action in shallow bays is a bitch, it doesn’t have the time to develop into rollers. I love he Hobie pedal drive, but its expensive. It also doesn’t work in less than 18" and that’s were a lot of Texas bay fishermen are fishing for tailing redfish.

Kaskazi Dorado
According to the Kaskazi web site, the Dorado is about $1013 with $300-400 shipping. Doesn’t sound too bad for a fiberglass boat. Not cheap, but less than a Hobie.

Dorado shipping
The boat is about $1800 in Florida. I had one shipped from South Africa and it was a disaster. It might be better now but the previous owner blew it big time. Be safe and go with the Florida distributer.