Best sport/goggles perscription glasses?

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I must be getting old! I had to go from contacts to bi-focal glasses. Can anyone recommend the best type of persciption sport glasses for kayaking. I'd prefer something held on with an elastic strap so that it could be worn over a tight fitting hood rather than inside behind the ears. This would be to not let in as much water when rolling. Also would split line be better than progressive for quicker focus and less blurry areas? Brand names and sources of the ones you like would be appreciated! Thanks.

no bifocals when paddling
I wear bifocals as regular glasses. Being that the bifocal prescription is meant for reading, and I don’t read much when paddling, I have single prescription glasses that I wear when paddling. Even when I need to read a chart or GPS or something, I can make out the what is needed without the bifocal.

I have rec specs. I have a …

…yellow poloarized tint that has worked really

well in a wide variety of light: from full sun over

snow, shade, and full moon paddling.

Same as Peter_CA
I have progressives. You learn very quickly how much to tilt your head in order to focus. On the water I use prescription polarized non-progressive lenses, with titanium frames. They’re tough and light too.


Oakley Mframe?
Anybody use something like that with the RX insert? I’ve been thinking about those or Rudy Project, but they are both way expensive… I’d love to hear thoughts or experiences.

PS. I’d also be wearing them while on my mountain bike. Though at 45 most of my mountains look alot like curbs…

PSS oh and single vision so far, I’ve managed to avoid the dreaded bifocal!


Performance Bikes
Performance Bike Shop has some of their branded products which take inserts. I use an older Radial model for biking (though I have not used it for kayaking, though it should work fine).

My Philosophy
Get the cheap stuff from Walmart. When the salt ruins them or the river gods claim them it doesn’t hurt so much. Just get some more.

Absolute best…
If you are willing to spend the money…Oakley will make prescription lenses for some of the their sport glassess…not inserts but actual perscription lenses.

I had a pair made made for a pair of Half Jackets (similar to the M Frame design). YOu never could even tell that they were prescription glasses from looking at them.

Expensive…cost about $400 but it was worth EVERY PENNY!

I used them for about two or three years until I got laser surgery and now no longer need them.

Definitely worth it though.


m frame insert warning
If you have much astigmatism like I do, the curve of the lens will give you a distorted view of thing. I had Oakley re-do the lens three times and the moved things around but admitted that they have trouble with certain prescriptions. Go with a flatter style lens that sadly offers less protection and coverage-but will give a laser sharp view. My advice only applies to those like me that are pretty near-sighted and have astigmatism.


Rec Specs suck.
I’m out in the sun a lot and my Optometrist suggested using Rec Specs for surfing in prescription sunglasses. The temples dig into the side of your face, this is large plastic cam that sticks out right into your temple, it’s padded but hurts to wear the things and the lenses tend to get plastered to your eyeballs. I had much better success with an old pair of prescription ray bans with my helmet on and I believe they are called Cats keeper leash to keep them on my head.

isn’t that what Croakies are for? I just wear my regular glasses (tri focals) with Croakies or similar. (even when rolling)

cheap glasses
I wear a pair of cheap prescription glasses. They are very heavy and the color came off the frame after a few trips but they work and it wouldn’t be a disaster if I lost them. The eye doctor I go to has a box of discontinued glasses that are very cheap. I’ve used them surfing and rolling with a strap and they never showed any sign of coming off.

Combat Specs
Look interesting. Sorry, but I don’t do Tiny URLs.


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