Best Sportube size for paddles

I’m considering buying a Sportube to protect paddles on plane flights. They have many sizes of them.

Recommendations for a good model to hold two paddles, a PFD, and a helmet? Any regrets over buying the one you got? (E.g., “Wish I’d gotten the next smaller/larger unit.”)

Much as I hate plane travel, it makes sense given the distance between CO and any of the coasts.

Have you checked your airlines regs

There is no consistency or sense. Recent flap with Air Canada. Wanted to charge $300 for one paddle. Now golf clubs and skis were free but because paddle is not on the list…it was in another category.

Before buying anything check with the airlines you might use. Some of the regs are just wacko.

Good point–thanks
Did I mention that I hate flying? Not the physical flying itself, but all the horrible rules and regs and paranoia.

carry alot more
The Sport tube is great for paddlers and you’ll get alot more in there than the items you mentioned. I got the double (carries 2 sets of skis) and pack it to the length that the airline permits (usually 50"). It carries all my paddling gear and other stuff jammed in around the gear. Maybe the larger one would have been smarter but I doubt it can be packed solid and kept under 50 lbs. Definitely recommended and I haven’t (yet) been charged extra because the airlines are used to seeing them. Lyn

"Airlines are used to seeing them"
Well, around here they’d definitely be used to seeing skis packed as cargo…

in winter. I don’t know what they’d do if they saw them in summer.

I heard/read this once - use golf bags/cases to pack your kayaking gear. For some reason airlines are friendly towards them.

Rifle case
I bought a hard plastic rifle case that fit one mid wing paddle, and met (most) airlines specififcations for a single piece of luggage.

I put a bunch of paddling stickers on the case to make it look less like a fire arm.