Best spot for anchor point

Where’s the best place to mount an inverted “U” bracket for an anchor? As far forward as possible? Or is it safe to mount it closer to the cockpit cowling? Should the mount be centered on the kayak?

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Best bet is as forward as possible. Anchor points anywhere amidships can cause your boat to drift back and forth port to starboard as the wind and/or current moves it. Very irritating when you are attempting photography or fishing a particular hole.

Some folks add a line from the side of the cockpit to the bow, often times it being the painter itself or another line through a grab handle. Then they attach their anchor line to that line in such a manner that it can be attached and handled at the cockpit then pulled forward (or aft) to the bow or stern with the control line.

Hope this helps.

What DavidH said- plus-
use an “anchor trolley” to make it easy.

Tie it off to the front of your yak.
then attatch a rope to the anchor rope so you can pull the anchor rope to you when you want to pull up the anchor. But only put it in the front for saftey reasons.