Best stable double surf ski

Can posters help me choose a double surf ski to get me out on sydney middle harbour and oceans every weekend. Born in Coney Island Brooklyn, I can’t swim so can’t get an answer from the Aussies who can’t stop laughing.

I am starting so need stability in a sit on double

Let me know if you have pros and cons for my choices:

Fenn Mako XT

Honcho Guru

Think Evo

Custom Kayak Synergy

Thanks much for your thoughts

Mike J

If you’re paddling a ski
you are probably going to swim or at least bob around with your PFD on.

Learn to swim.


Thinking on this…
… reminds me just how much I love the Aussie sense of humor (and the realistic practicality behind it).

Perhaps your just pulling some Yank’s legs with that post? Hard to take it seriously.

If you are serious (or is anyone else reading this thinks you are), don’t take their laughter the wrong way. It’s meant to save your friggin’ neck.

Find one of them that paddles a double and will take you out for a demo on it (well, hopefully on more than off - and do be sure to mention the non-swimming thing. Personally, I don’t understand anyone who can’t swim getting into paddling - especially on a more extreme craft like a ski).

Is it the time of year for these sorts of posts again already?!

Try futura
Vince futura makes many wonderful boats

Fenn XT
I won’t comment on swimming ability, but I could say that the Fenn XT is a very table and reasonably priced in the second hand market.

Of course, stable is such a vague term: as paddlers move on into faster, lighter, and narrower vessels, they tend to forget what stability used to mean when they just started dealing with faster crafts…

Huki S2-X with gull wing

Epic V8 Double

The Think EVO isn’t a double.
Epic V8 is a good stable option.

But, if you don’t know how to swim–make sure your tether is super strong if you’re going offshore.

There is a 10-15% possibility that the OP is already dead by now.

You and salperstein are replying to a 10 years old thread.

Lol. Talk about a zombie thread…10 years…But what the hell. Its winter so I’ll bite.

The Nelo 600 is 24" wide and by far the most stable/widest double ski. at 20’ x 24", its basically double touring kayak dimensions, but with SOT buckets. A great beginner boat or boat to introduce people to the sport. V8 double is probably good too at ~22" beam. the Fenn XT double is only 19" if memory serves, which will be tippy to most people, and very tippy or unmanageable to a noob. 19" doubles require 2 intermediate+ paddlers.

Also, the OP has to be joking… you want to paddle in a very busy harbor and you cant swim? learn to swim (very well) first, then consider water sports. That’s like saying 'which airplane should I buy? but oh ya, I dont have a pilots license". lol. swimming is of paramount importance in for ocean sports. Even if you’re wearing a PFD.