best style kayak for back bays, rivers

Hi - I’m a 65 year-old guy who has been kayaking south Jersey’s back bays, channels, and local rivers for the last 15 years with a 11’ Perception Sierra, 14’ Carolina, and 13’ Heritage Osprey (all in the 10-15 year old age range). My back and tush are now beginning to rebel after paddle times of as little as a couple of hours, probably due to encroaching age on my part and old designs on the kayaks’ part. I’m looking to replace the two larger kayaks (keeping the Sierra for my wife) with a 11 or 12 foot yak with good seats. I’ve been looking on the internet at boats like the Pungo 120, Loon 120, Dirigo 120, Necky Manitou Sport rec kayaks, or smaller touring kayaks like the Looksha 12 or Tsunami 120 Any suggestions on 1) which type and/or model would be best suited for my needs? There’s no doubt some demoing in my near future, but I would be interested in any suggestions anyone may have in advance since any dealers I visit will be a little distance from here (none that I’m aware of carry these models. Thank you!

I forgot 2)…
…which is if any manufacturer’s seat quality stands out above the others for extended trip comfort.

I joke about the WS seating in the pungo’s.

I am also in S Jersey, email me I have the 120 and the 140 you can check out.

Two weeks ago I go 2 Necky 13 manitous and a pungo 120. I def prefer the Necky when it comes to weight and paddling. I think they weigh the Pungo before the seat, footpegs, hatch and dashboards are put in! Sure the pungo has bigger cockpit and dash and some more creature comforts. The seat is the necky for me is very comfortable not far off from the pungo. Little more storage in the Pungo as well, but all in all what the Necky 13 lacks in storage and creature comforts it makes up for in weight and paddling, it’s easier to paddle, less fatiguing for me all around.

Thanks for your response - I did demo both the Pungo and Tsunami (which would be similar to your Necky) the other day, and much prefer the Tsunami for the reasons you gave (and more!). Looks like I’ll be going that way.