best surf ski roof rack?

what’s the best surf ski roof rack?

I already have the yakima mounts, but don’t yet have the bar of saddles.

I’ve been over to the reviews but without actually knowing what each product is, it’s tough to see … there really needs to be a pic and a link on the first post!

Hulley Rollers and saddles
Here’s what I use. I can carry my surf ski, or my kayak alone or both at the same time.

Racks are rock soild on my truck.

marco saddle
what is that front saddle called?

yakima has a few different ones …

In the reviews there was much chatter about this not working for some.

It worked great for others …

I gather setup and adjustment is key here?

this looks interesting:

Mako saddles
All Yakima stuff. The rollers I’ve had for about 10 years, the Mako saddles are new, as are the bars and the towers. Everything is locked.


3-rd the Mako Saddles + Pads
Here is a photo of my home-made extension with them installed using standard ($10) Yakima hardware on Yakima bars.

I think the KayakPro rack is also very good for a ski - but way too expensive (IMO).

too cool!
that is almost too funny!

but a great idea for making your car to haul your boat around

I have thule glide and set
with about a 5’ span between. It works ok but I’m gong to buy the Kayak Pro one now. It’s great for someone without much span between since it makes it 8’ betweem saddles. Slides nice and just throw a small bungy type loop over it. It comes with it and has pegs on the arms to catch it. Father in law has in on his Honda Element to widen the 2’ span on it. Loves it. Much more stable ride. It’ll mount to thule or Yakima racks. Chaz

Photo of ski on truck


Thule 887
I use the Thule Slipstream 887. I believe it will clamp onto Yakima crossbars if you get those for your towers. I went with all Thule since the 3-series was set up with mounts built into the roof from the factory for Thule’s towers. The Slipstream is nice because it spreads the supports out a bit further than the regular Glide N Set since my roof isn’t that long. Here’s some pictures with my surfski on the roof.

ski racks
For my ski I use an extender frame built from 1" emt sold at Home Depot - it’s bolted to my thule rack with u-bolts. Total parts were less than $20, because I already owned the yakima landshark saddles. I constructed the emt ‘frame’ to be 6’ x 2’, so the span between front and rear saddles is 6’, which works very well. I use cloth ‘auto buffer’ covers on the plastic saddles to protect my boat finish. They are less than $5 for a pack of 4. I used to take them off after each paddle but now I just leave them on… they haven’t blown off yet. The whole setup has been rock-solid and easy to use. Email for pics if interested.


Ask the people who made it
I know a guy who has 2 boats. he custom bent pipe to the same curve as the hull of each boat. he started by wrapping wire around the hull to establish the curve. Then wrapped with padding. My taurus has 50 in of span becuase I pop riveted up under the door frame. Do not forget 2 in wide caution tape hanging of the back of your ski. I like yakima but they whistle