Best surfing kayak out there???

I am looking for another kayak, one just for riding the nice waves, one that will handle the waves like a pro. I am 215lbs right now, will be trimming down by summer, 6’ tall.

Anyone out there around my size get one for the waves?


yep…for sale too
I have a Mega UFO Predator…a 8’3" composite surf boat…

the longer it is the better it will handle on mushy waves…

you want performance???make certain to get one with fins…

what sort of surfing you looking to do???screwing around???practicing for a comp???

do you want a decked boat???or wanna go topless like sing on a waveski???

ahhhh…so many choices…



UFO Predator Is A Good One
at 8’3" for someone big getting into dedicated surf craft. High Performance but older model which means that it’s got some length for sloppier waves.

The newer, high performance crafts, sub 7.5’, work much better with cleaner waves. Something we don’t see as much of on the east coast, and even less so in the great lakes.

The new driver of my own Venom (smaller UFO series) loves his right now for most of the waves we see.

I love my waveskis but they really shine in clean waves conditions. Otherwise, I am just really testing my boundaries of masochisim (as opposed to machismo). Of course, getting a longboard type of waveski would help



sit on top
looking for a sit on top kayak, I have 4 sit on tops now and love them.

I live near lake Ontario, the waves get up to 4 metres at times, nices swells. Just looking to have fun jumping the waves with a friend. I have been using my Dimension Typhoon and it rides the waves very well. Would like something alittle more responsive.

links to
would be great if anyone had links to. thanks.

The Coaster by Mariner Kayaks is a legendary surfing (and light touring) kayak. Unfortunately it is no longer manufactured, and apparently used ones are difficult to find and expensive. All the reviews I’ve read are glowing. I’ve never paddled one, so I’m doing the next best thing and going out to Oregon in May to build a SOF version at Cape Falcon Kayak. I’ll review it for p-net someday after it’s built and put through it’s paces. Maybe you could find a Coaster for sale near you, but they go quickly…

Sit On Top Surfers
The most common are the Cobra Strike and the Wilderness Systems Kaos.

Or you could go old school and get a used Scrambler for cheap

“handle the waves like a pro.”:
Well, if you were a “pro” or aspire to riding like one, the Coaster would be low on your list. And, the SOTs wouldn’t be much higher, unless you’re the famous Ventura Wino.

Other than that, it’s all good with whatever gets you one the wave. :slight_smile:


Go with the Cobra Strike or Kaos

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Non Pro Kayak Surfer

I own many boats and waveskis and I weigh ~210 with gear. I think the Strike is the best surfing sit on top around. It is a bit tricky to turn but really performs when you get it dialed in. The kaos will be a more forgiving boat. Also if you are fibbing on your weight, the Kaos will work better for a heavy surfer. I will post video later of Cobra Strikes in action that will convince you.

cobra strike
Im definately biased, I think the cobra strike rocks.My only gripe with it is the nylon fittings as Im learning more about handling it in the surf the surf, I still try to fight against the sea and end up busting the fittins. I have asked a local kayak dealer about alternatives but he said you really need something to give, rather than rip a hole in the side of the boat. I think its too tough for that, but its taught me to go 'with it’rather than try some move which wont work and busts a thigh strap anchor. I weight 100 kilo’s 3 short of the recommended weight,but that helps me watch my weight which can never be too bad. Ive also learnt a better technique for getting out through the surf be watching the young surf club guys on their ski’s, and its about weight distribution to get up and over. Powering straight through can work in some surf, but not when its a big day with a wall of white water, and going at a safer time and using outgoing rips help too. Cool hope you have fun test riding each one.ALL the best.

thanks for the posts, I have not heard of the cobra, I went on google for a link, but could not find one. I have read up on the kaos looks pretty cool, the only negative I have read on that one is one guy said he kept flipping it head over heal, not sure if that is because of his size, kayaking skills or something else.

Hope your wave surfing skills
are better than your web surfing skills :slight_smile:

funny, thanks.
appreciate the links.

Islander Big Stick if you…
have to have a sit on top. To surf the waves like a pro you would not want a sea kayak. The coaster is a cool boat but it is a sea kayak. Log onto to see what some pro’s are surfing and what surfing like a pro looks like.


does the ufo have fins?


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i have lots of pictures if you wish....there are not many pictures of them out there sadly...

Pic And Description Link

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Bottom two photos. Last one compares the Venom UFO to the larger Predator UFO


alot of good links and suggestions
Right now I have the dimension Typhoon, it rides over the waves pretty well. I have the Hobie pursuit that my wife uses, I find that one tippy for me, have the prowler 13 angler on order, picking it up in june.

I am going towards the Kaos from what I have read, for my kayak for wave fun. Has anyone used or owned the ocean Yak or Big yak, I have read some great reviews and bad on them.

rented a Big Yak

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Big and fat, not exactly specialized for surfing compared to previously mentioned options out there (it's got a cup holder for a reason).

good point
looks like I will get the kaos, thanks everyone, good to get a few opinions.