best tide for surfing?

Taking my SOT into the waves for the first time tomorrow. No big surf here in Fort Lauderdale right now so I dont expect the launch to be an issue. I would however like to practice surfing.

My question, I guess, is more of a general surfing question.

Is there a prefered tide?


As always, it depends.
It depends on the shape/depth/slope/etc of the beach, and how different wave/swell heights and speeds interact with it. At high tide green waves could be setting up nicely for a stretch, where at low tide they’re breaking right away. Or at low tide you could have good waves forming for a stretch, where at high tide there’s nothing until they rise suddenly and dump right on the shore line. Different tide levels can be preferable on different days.

Yup …
as above. For beach breaks a rising tide if the beach is not real steep is usually better. For points and jetties this is also true, but can be quite variable.

One quick way to get some info is to log onto Surfline and check out what the info about the breaks says. If you are surfing near Ft. Lauderdale it’s easy to find recommended tides. But honestly you just need to learn by doing, for the breaks you will be surfing most.

Also check the folks at I know some surf at Ft. Lauderdale and would have local knowlege.

And don’t stand b/w the shore and kayak
In the break zone, don’t stand between the shore and the kayak… since you mentioned it will be your first time surfing. I’ll let “real surfers” advise further if you ask for it -:wink:

"Best tide for surfing?"

The short answer is yes there is a best tide for surfing, but as mentioned above, it will be different from spot to spot and vary with winds and swell size/direction as well. You just gotta go learn the nuances of the spots you are interested in.

Check this site

thanks for the comentary and advice. Got out on Saturday, spent several hours, didnt get caught between the boat and the beach and actually caught a couple of waves. can’t wait to get out again.

Low Tide
When it comes to surfing downwind my kayaks and canoes out in the open ocean. The runs are faster and steeper. For shorebreak stuff, use a surfboard or boogey board, for they are designed specifically for that activity if you’re not using a waveski?

tides for surfing
How about the tidal bore near Anchorage? Or Deception Pass, WA on the ebb?

check magicseaweedcom or
both have descriptions of MANY surf locaitons that include among other things the best tide for that location. They often also have the best wind direction and best surf heights.