Best tip

In my little over a year paddling the best tip I have received is keep your paddle at arms length.

This is my key, my mantra. When I follow it is rotate better, legs feel better life, boat moves better etc.

What’s the best tip you have gotten?

turn on top of the wave
setup, extension, rotation

don’t breathe underwater

lean forward

plant the paddle into the face of the wave to pull yourself through

These were all very important because of the context in which they were rendered - when I could immediately use and appreciate the benefits. Doubt they help anyone off the internet, however.

Face Your Work
I got this tip when I paddled a canoe but this tip also works with a kayak.

Kind of opposite advice
I like the keep your arms straight advice for forward stroke practice, but for surfing and other rough water work I was told to keep my elbows in tight. I think the idea behind this idea is to keep you inside the box and keep your shoulders protected.

Look where you want to go…

nose over navel

Filet Mignon tips
…in a nice stroganoff.

Best tip
Don’t stop learning.

  1. Plan for Everything…Expect Nothing
    2. Paddling is a get-wet sport

  2. If your not getting wet, your not learning

Use those LEGS all the time
Kayaking is whole body, foot pegs matter a lot !

Alternate those butt cheeks and use those legs.

The open side up.

Learn a self-rescue technique , and practice it in various conditions with others for safety…

yes tight for brace and maybe roll
I do keep my arms fairly far out for forward stroke but have been training myself in “oh shit” moments to pull the paddle close to my chest as I ready to either brace or maybe roll. Having the paddle too far in these situations doesn’t transfer enough of the bracing sort of force through you to the kayak.

Best One
Don’t get too caught up in all the technical details. Be safe, relax and enjoy the experience. If you can share it with good friends it’s even better.