Best used boat sites.

Looking for suggestions on active websites (besides PNet) which list used boats for sale. I’m interested in kayaks, but others may appreciate your suggestions re canoes. I have come across at least one site which appears to be “dead”–old listings, listers do not respond.

try ebay.


For WW
Good one.

Regional cCubs
San Fran Bay Area - BASK

LA Area - California Kayak Friends

San Diego - San Diego Kayak Club

All have webpages with pretty good ads.

Check this site

Since you don’t have a public profile I don’t know where you’re located and logistics might be a problem.

Most of the listings are for creekers and playboats.

If you a looking for SOT’s, sometimes
a few rec and touring sit-ins,

is a pretty good place. Always a good listing for used preferred fishing type kayaks. Just missed by a phone call getting a Seda Gypsy PL, 15ft, for $300 and there’s a Dagger 14ft Charleston for sale there now. Other kayak fishing sites are also pretty good for SOT’s used.

Used boat sites…
Here are some more sites:

check out your local paddling clubs…
…some have online newsletters with a classified section. And I have found great deals in the local newspapers & at yard sales. You’re much less likely to get a good deal on ebay because too many people are wanting it.

Last but not least, keep checking the classifieds right here on pnet…I always do & every now & then you see a bargain (but it’s usually gone!).

Manufacurer’s Sites & Forums
Active forums usually have a buy-sell-trade conference. If the boat you want is foreign-made, check their importer’s sites. Sometimes demo boats are available. NRS has a gear-swap bulletin board.