Best wall-hanging straps?

I have a brick storage room wall on which I want to hang two kayaks. One kayak is a cheapo plastic boat, and the other is composite kevlar/glass/carbon. I’ve seen various nylon web straps sold online to hang kayaks, on their sides, on the wall. I want the most minimal setup that will be safe for my boats and easy to install in a brick wall with the appropriate drilling and masonry fasteners. I will load and unload the boats from the straps single-handedly, so that’s a factor. Can anybody recommend their favorite web strap hanging system for my particular circumstance? Thanks.

ok, but . . .
Traction makes my favorite racking systems. Traction is distributed by Sea-to-Summit here in the states. They have a really nice sling called the Aquasling. NRS also makes an inexpensive sling system that doesn’t have the same padding that the Aquasling system does. The NRS sling would be fine for your cheapo, but I would splurge for the Aquasling for your good boat. I dislike recommending slings for expensive boats. They cradle the boats fine, but none are particularly easy to use by yourself. Traction has awesome wall cradles that make life really easy. New this year is a bracket that allows them to be swiveled against the wall when not in use. Everything from Traction costs a premium, but nothing comes close to the quality of their products in my opinion.

I prefer Talic
I looked at all the different ways I could store my Kayaks (5) and so far Talic seems the best for me. I had a large empty wall in my garage (26’L x 12’H). Besides looking great they are gentle on the boats and fold up and away if needed. They are so simple my daughters (ages 17 and 12) are able to load and unload their boats themselves. Anchoring them to a brick wall would be as simple as replacing the lag bolts that come with the racks with a masonry anchor systems available at most all hardware stores.