best way to attach a float bag?

Hi folks

After all the reading I’ve done here on the importance of flotation bags, I’ve decided to get one, or maybe it’s two for my Necky Manitou Sport. There is a bulkhead in the stern but nothing in the front except for a foam pillar dead center of the bow. Does having this pillar mean that I need 2 float bags for the bow, and how and where do I attach them, or it, whichever the case may be.

Also, where is the appropriate place on the boat to attach a paddle leash- to the deck rigging or ???

Thank you- learning alot here daily!


Split Floatation Bags
are used when there is a center foam pillar. The floation bags will have grommets (holes) on the seams. Use either a zip tie or a piece of velcro (used for managing computer cords) to attach to the rails in front of the foot pegs. Or, punch/burn a hole through the foam pillar about 2-3" near the front edge, run a paracord through, and tie a loop with just enough slack to run the bag ties through (you don’t so much snag that the cord loop could present an entanglement issue).


Ok, thanks and my next question is…
Do I leave this float bag in the boat all the time even when car-topping? Also,where is the best place to buy a split bag? I don’t recall seeing one in any of my local stores.

And by the way, I saw no other place to hook the paddle leash other than to the bungee cord rigging on the deck so that’s where I put it.

Thanks for the reply.


Keep them inflated
and just leave them in the boat while transporting. They fit tightly against the hull and can’t go anywhere. I deflate them a bit once the kayak is back in it’s storage area to make sure no water is trapped between the bags and the hull. Don’t want any mildew to start growing on the wet surface.

If …

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If you keep your flotation bags in your boat while transporting it; be sure to occasionally check the air pressure in the bags. In the hot sun, strapped to the top of your vehicle, they will inflate on their own due to the heat. If you fully inflated them to begin with..............
Yours would not be the first floatation bags that split seams from over-inflation.


Good to know, thanks mdloon and Bob

altitude can blow …
Also: Inflating float bags or inflatable things in general at lkow altitude and then driving to substantially higher altitude can cause …


Spray covers? Solo Canoe
I’m talking open canoes with flotation. I guess the bags can also be left in the boat slightly deflated. How about bow and stern spray covers on a solo canoe? Can they be left on while car topping?


yet another question about…
flotation. Had a conversation today with a person who recommended buying a product that comes in 2 cans, mixed together and then sprayed into your bow or stern. Sort of looked like a beach ball in his boat- but was foam. He liked it because it was inexpensive and he won’t have to deal with flotation bags,plus, he said it’s in his boat permanently.

Anyone else know about this? It was purchased at a Marine Supply store. Thanks.


the outer layer cures to a watershedding layer but it’s soft. Once you damage that, the inner stuff is light and porus and will soak up water. It’s also a mess to scrape off later on, if it gets to that. I use some of this stuff to blog (even out) some dings in my waveski. But the damaged area is covered over with two layers of glass and epoxy afterwards. NOt the same application.


His application doesn’t sound like the greatest use for that product then. Thanks for the info, Sing.


careful leaving bags in the boat

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When you install your bags, be very careful about leaving them in the boat. You have to deflate them a lot (not a little) to allow for expansion when the sun shines. Also, driving with them installed probably will result in pin hole leaks or other damage, especially driving as far as you do to paddle.

I have a battery operated air mattress inflator that I use to blow them up and suck the air out quickly to deflate and remove the bags. It takes all the hassle out of bagging and de-bagging. They cost about $20 and are found in the air mattress section of Wally Mart.

Good idea
I was thinking of something like that. I am also concerned about damage to the spray covers if they are left on when driving.