best way to carry kayak on/in truck?

I plan to purchase a kayak for fishing in the keys very soon (don’t know which yet). I have a chevy s10 with a fiberglass camper shell. Wondering the best way to carry a kayak, in or on? And if on, what’s the cheapest/best way to do it? Should a fiberglass top handle the weight?


be no problem for the fiberglass. Several friends of mine have fiberglass shells or ‘caps’ on their trucks. They have a rack made of square tubing. consists of a cross piece (1 front and back) with 2 short legs. Each leg has a 6" flat bar with a hole in each end which rests on the cap. They drilled holes down through the cap and put large washers on the inside to spread the strain. Some guys haul 2 canoes this way so should be no problem for a kayak.

also have
seen roof racks on fiberglass toppers. Should suit ya well. Then ya got more space in the truck box to carry your gear.

Not the cheapest but…
…the best.

I have had two trucks with fiberglass camper shells. The last is my 2003 F-150.

I have a Yakama bolt through “landing Pads” with their bars.

Last year I drove 16,000 miles from NC to Alaska and the Arctic circle and return over some of the roughest roads that a person can drive on with two 17 foot plastic kayaks.

My speeds ranged betwen 70 on the interstates and crawling on 4 wheel tracts.

I never had a problem. Believe me you wouldn’t do that with foam blocks or a home made set of bars.



I have a Brahma shell and have carried two kayaks and mountain bikes on top with a Yakima setup. I also have just tossed the kayak in the bed (with the tailgate open) and strapped it down so it wouldn’t slide out. Either way works!