Best Way To Remove Stains?

I picked up a used kayak and would like to try and remove some of the dark stains from the deck. The color is mango/sunrise and I have tried 409 cleaner and Windex without success. Suggestions? I was thinking about trying a mild solution of bleach.

1st step is to determine cause of stain
If its mold or mildew, then yes, a bleach solution would help to kill off the organisms causing the stain. Try it in an inconspicuous area first. And always avoid mixing bleach with anything containing ammonia.

If its a stain caused by prolonged soil contact, I’d try either oxyclean or simple green.

Depends on what the stains are. However, I have a pressure washer and that takes an awful lot of stuff. Take it to a car wash (you-wash-it/coin-op type) if you don’t have a pressure washer available.

Mineral Spirits…
may help. I found it to be useful for many stubborn stains and build up of foreign materials on cars and boats. I’ve heard WD-40 is usefull as well.

Work it gently, rinse off quickly.

Best of luck.


Two good choices
Bleach or Spray Nine.

Thanks for the good suggestions,
I’m going to be trying one tonight and will post results. Maybe I can get this Necky poly kayak looking new again.

Thumbs up on the WD40…
this stuff removed the stubborn stains. After a good cleaning and two coats of 303, this kayak is a beauty. Thanks for the help.