Best way to sell a Canoe?

I’m looking for advice as to the best way to sell a canoe. (Looking to get one more suitable for moving water on rivers nnd streams). Other than ebay and putting an ad in the paper are there any other methods you would suggest? Any help would be appreciated.

Right here on P-net
The classified ads are free.

I have sold two canoes through here and bought one.



Craigslist is another option. If you do sell it on Ebay or any other site, try to use the best photos you can get of the canoe. I’ve sold lots of things online and photos do sell the item. - Jim

Thrifty Nickel or similar regional
classifieds paper.
Most boats I’ve sold I’ve sold right here, most in less than 2 weeks. WW

What have you got?

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And where are you located?

Hook, line..... Maybe a sinker.

paddle easy,

Sold several boats now this way.

Craigslist or REI
Late last summer I sold my Current Designs Solstice GT.

I am in SE Wisconsin. I listed it on craigs list and sold it to someone who saw it there.

I also put an ad on the bulitin board at a local REI store.

On the weekend when the boat actually sold (it was posted and listed for a week and a half)REI had a sale which brought in a lot of people. I got a LOTof calls starting about an hour after I sold it and for the next week from the REI posting.

Next boat I sell will definately get posted there again !

P-net is a good one. Especially if you have something somewhat specialized.

Craig’s list, and local buy-and-sell papers. especially if you have a grumman or something very common.

I also posted it here
I should ad, I also listed mine on here last summer.

Putting a For Sale
sign on the canoe. Go to a paddlefest or swap meet. You can also try standing on a busy street corner and asking passers by " Hey would ya like to buy a canoe?"