best way to store 17' alum canoe?

Are you supposed to hang a canoe? lay it flat or upside down?

What is the ideal way to store a canoe?


For an aluminum canoe, …

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... any position other than right-side up or on its side is fine, and that rule is only so it doesn't fill up with rain or snow, so if it's stored inside it matters not a bit. Aluminum won't "take a set", get bent or warped no matter how unevenly it's supported. Same goes for hanging it up, if that's your choice. However, if the end connections for rope attachments are little sheet-metal loops held on by tiny pins, you might avoid using them for hanging the boat, though I bet in most cases even that would be good enough.

My 17 foot Osagian aluminum canoe has been upside down near the barn for at least 15 years. It has not shown any negative effects even though the horses kick it a lot because they like the sound it makes. They haven’t even dented it.

I believe it will be around long after I am gone.

umop episdn

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Upside down over the wood pile.

(Oh, it should be an 'a'... apisdn)

Storing canoe
I have always hung mine and never had issue… If you know an electrician have him bend you two question marks with a flat, rather than curved top. Make the flats a bit wider than your canoe. Use rigid 3/4 and leave the tail threaded. Determining how long the tail will be will be decided by where you hang it. I hung mine under my deck a little more than shoulder heights. You can walk right under the hanger then just duck out… To fasten it to the deck use a standoff plate, they come round or square and have a female thread that accepts the pipe thread. Prebend your question mark from a bread tie so the flatl and tail hang in equilibriumm. This way all the weight of your canoe is straight down. I’ve had mine 15 yrs