best ways to fish from a kayak?

I haven’t fished in a good 13 years, but recently, the outdoors have started to attract me again. my lil bro n I are looking at what’s involved in kayaking, and I know for sure, if I get into it, I’ll want to have a line trailing behind me so I can beach myself with dinner!

it’s mostly fly fishing on the lakes around me (Kamloops, BC) so I’m limited as to what I can use etc etc. I have to read up all the regs again, so I know what’s what, but, for fishing off a kayak, generally speaking, what kinda gear do I want?

a friend recommended, being I only really want to troll a bit, that I get a telescoping rod, so the footprint impact isn’t much, being a kayak has only so much storage space. you can use a spincast or casting rod with fly’s…don’t have to have the ‘real’ deal.

thanks for sharing your ideas and recommendations! your wisdom is appreciated :slight_smile:


kayak fishing
Here’s what I use: Either a 4’6" or 5’ ultralight spinning rod, ultra light spinning reel with 4lb test line. I use flies almost exclusively as I chase trout and salmon. Not that spinners and spoons won’t work, I just enjoy using flies that I have tied. I make spinner flies that are deadly on almost anything that swims. I keep my gear in small plastic compartmented boxes and keep them in a fanny pack next to my leg in the kayak. A few split shot in a film cannister for getting my streamers down deep and a few casting bubbles for keeping the dry flies on the surface.

I have run the gamut on fishing tackle in a kayak. From taking everything including the big tackle box to carrying one little box in my pocket and making do. A fanny pack and shorter rod work real well for me. Of course if you are going after bigger salmon and trout upsize the gear accordingly.

upsize your gear as necessesary
that’s for sure, looking at the size of the trout that were jumping on Mason Lake when we were out, those beasts would probably tip me over just for biting my fly! LOL!!! :smiley: I might want to buy some inflatable pontoon attachments I think :wink:

other thoughts?
haven’t gone fishing for about 13 yeras and having no gear, I’d like go get some recommendations. It will probably be mated to something an Pungo 140 Angler. I would do mostly trolling I think…so I am unsure what would suit my interests best. I’m open to suggestions!

Hard to say, really
That kind of fishing is completely different from how I fish. I fish rivers with a cast & retrieve mostly using lightly weighted soft plastic lures. Any advice I give on trolling still water with flies will be completely talking out of my hat.

But what the heck? Rod holder mounted on the front, deck rigging to keep the necessary tackle handy even with a skirt on, line nippers on a retractable doo-dad on your PFD, keep a knife handy on your PFD in case you get entrapped in your line in a flip, bilge pump and sponge if you’re in a SinK, pliers and/or hemostats for hook removals from toothy critters if you catch any, spare line in your tackle bag, a small dry bag or box with necessaries in it (meaning toilet paper &/or cigarettes if you’re a smoker), polarized sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat. That’ll get you started.

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