Best website to sell kayaks?

Hi! I live near Dallas Texas and have two Hobie cat pro angler 14 kayaks with the kick up turbo drive pedals, whats the best website/app to list these on and what should I price them at. I also have a lowrance fish finder in both of them.

Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist dominate for local sales. If you’ve never used them, read up on how to buy and sell safely. Better yet, connect with someone with experience selling higher priced items and ask for help. Scammers are everywhere - no joke.
You can also post on this site: Buy & Sell Paddling Gear |

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Added note: Scammers infect the classifieds on this website too. Learn how they operate regardless of where you post your Hobies. Users here are usually quite happy to share their knowledge & experience.



I have been buying used kayaks and canoes and selling them off and on for more than 20 years. Local Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are your best bets. I have never failed to find a buyer on those two sites and in every case, had a local buyer pay what I listed the boat for in cash and pick it up at a time we arranged.

Search the listings first to see what similar models are being priced at in your area and then set your price accordingly, neither the highest nor the lowest. In general a used kayak is going to sell fastest if you list it at 25% to 50% less that what it would have cost new.

Anyone who responds calling what you are selling “the item” rather than mentioning what it actually is and telling you that they agree to that price is most probably a scammer. Anyone who claims to be out of town and needing to arrange third party inspection, payment or pickup is also a scamming jerk. If you want to get rid of them just tell them you already have someone who called earlier coming to see it and ask for their contact information so you can get back to them if it does not sell. In every case I have done that the scammer declines to give a phone number or even a legitimate name and location. Trust your instincts.

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