BEST whitewater company in WV?

Going to WV to run the New River this month, but which guide company is the best? I’ve run with ACE and Mountain River tours, but I’ve heard good things about others. Wanting a cabin for 2 nights and a couple days on the water, any ideas? Ace is great, but other guides have online discounts plus cheaper package deals, I just want to get what I pay for. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hey, I was planning on trying Ace this year for my first time down there. I thought it looks really nice, especially all that they offer. I will be looking for you to tell us how it was where ever you go.

Wildwater Expeditions Unlimited
I cannot vouch for others, but Wildwater was the first commercial company to run trips on the New. It’s founder, Jon Dragon, just recently passed on.


i have heard …
good things about ACE from someone that uses them in WV all the time. Please be sure and tell us how your trip goes. I want to head down there sometime this summer :slight_smile: