best womens sit on Kayak

Need some info on sit on kayak that would be suitable for a beginner thats 5" and 115lbs . needs to be something thats has a keel and is easy to load and unload.

SOT kayak
I purchased a RTM SOT(Disco model)this spring. Check out website as they have other modesl available as is not only sharp looking, but it is fast & handles great. I have (4) other kayaks & I have to say I have used this one by far the most this summer. It is worth checking out. Good luck.

Venus if you like pink.

Torrent for mild whitewater.

Disco for rougher waters and longer trips.


RTM Disco
My favorite as long as I can stay under 190#

Should be perfect for the OP

Also very reasonable price.

The Venus is shorter, lighter, and easier to cartop, but not nearly as fast, and very, very limited on weight capacity

thanks for the info ive lookd at several will check it out

One that has a drain hole…
To get rid of all the drama & BS that complicates the normal flow of a mans life. And if that doesn’t work, cut the hole bigger around the seat.

LOL! Chill out, Jeez.

Paddle easy,


Why and where
Why does it need a keel? Where will she be paddling. How far will she want to go? How fast?