Betsie Bay Finish

I’m not clear on how the surfaces of the Betsie Bay boats are finished. Are they painted fiberglass?

If so, why!

Awl Grip
is what they use on the hulls last I knew. It’s a very tough marine paint. The paint on mine lasted 10 years before I needed to touch it up to any extent other than chips.

Maybe a two part epoxy?
I used to use that stuff to do swimming pool basins!

Can’t realistically put gelcoat on an external surface, certainly not on a production basis. These boats arn’t molded fiberglass, they are fiberglass covered plywood.

Bill H.


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It's a two part polyurethane. Seems to be as tough as gelcoat in my experience

From their website: "Our finishes are the best catalyzed acrylic/urethane products available and our kayaks require no more maintenance than kevlar or carbon composites."

Automotive paint
Essentially they use automotive paint.

awl grip
If they are using awl grip it’s either marine grade or aircraft grade, it’s not automotive.

Bill H.

Its Awl Grip Marine(NM)