Betsie Bay hatch cover gasket

The beckson hatch cover on my Betsie Bay recluse

is pretty loose and leaks alot. I’am thinking

the gasket on hatch cover is dried out and needs

replacing for a tighter fit. Can the gasket be

had by its self or does hatch cover have to be

replaced. Thanks for any info/help

Beckson sells replacement gaskets. You don’t need to replace the top just the gaskets.

A loose fit can be fixed…

– Last Updated: Apr-03-08 7:56 AM EST – removing the gasket (O-ring), then wrapping narrow tape in the slot to increase it's diameter. When you put the O-ring back, the seal will be tighter. I had to do this on all the Beckson hatches on the Aral I used to own in order to get them to seal properly. Also, silicone spray or a very light coating of silicone grease on the O-rings makes the hatches much easier to seat.

As long as the O-ring isn't cracking, there's no need to replace it, but replacements are available through Beckson dealers like West Marine. Having a spare around is a good idea.

Thanks for advice
I’ll try taping for tighter fit and look into

ordering a couple as well.