Betsie Bay Kayak Question(s).

I came across a couple of composite kayaks I was told were Betsie Bays. They are complete, but without markings. It is also obvious that they have never been paddled. They have been in a storage facility all this time. Best guess currently is they are at least 8 years old. I looked at the Betsie Bay site to find out what they might be worth, but all the Betsie Bay kayaks on the site were wooden.

Can anyone shed some light on if Betsie Bay did sell composite kayaks 8, 10, 12 years ago?

Thanks and Happy Paddl'n!



They had compsite versions made for them at one time. Not sure for how long, but I do know 2 people that had them.

Pretty much the same as the wood ones.


Thanks for reply Wayne.
Can you put me in touch with the people that owned composite Betsie Bays?


I’ve Seen them For Sale, too

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I saw A COMPOSITE one ADVERTISED FOR SALE somewhere, Mick. I think they WERE made in Michigan on the west coast, WHERE THEY NOW MAKE THE WOODSTRIP ONES.

I've met the couple who makes them, if I'm not mistaken. Wonderful people.

There were composite Betsie Bays made, me thinks...


Yes they did and I owned one

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I had a fiberglass Recluse for a while. From what I can gather, BBK tried several manufacturers before finally giving up, due to not being able to get the quality they wanted. I've seen one composite Valkyrie that looked great, but my Recluse was a poorly constructed, 65# monster that was obviously put together by people used to building bigger boats. It still handled great, but even my friends with Brit' boats dreaded having to help me carry it. ;-)

If you contact Al at BBK, I'm sure he'll be happy to fill you in on the details of the boats you found. He's a very friendly and informative guy.

i have one
I have a beautiful 10 year old fiberglass Betsie Bay Valkyrie. It is a wonderful kayak and if you have a chance, I’d definitely recommend trying those kayaks out.

Thanks All! Lengths?
Thank you for your replys.

Can you give me the lengths of your Betsie Bays; Recluse, Valkyrie, others?

Will look at the BB site too. Always like to double check info and not assume or guess if possible.



AFAIK, there were only 2 glass models
The Valkyrie is 17’ and the Recluse is 19’. The 18’ Aral came out after they gave up on having glass boats built.

Thanks everyone for the replies.
You have been of help.