Betsie Bay Kayaks

Would appreciate any information regarding the so-called rolling kayak “DIRK” by Betsie Bay Kayaks? I am thinking of getting into Greenland style rolling.
Try the commercial forum on There are some awesome kayaks for great prices for sale. I tried a Dirk when it first came out. I thought it was a little on the small side. At 5’11" my feet were on the bulkhead and it just didn’t fit me. Maybe it is better now.

Tahe’s are the hot commercial rolling kayaks, now. if you can wait a couple of months, the Water Field from Japan will be sold in the US. I think the Water Field will be even more desirable than the Tahe. It is a great Greenland Style kayak, very easy to roll.

water field
I didn’t even know the Japanese made kayaks, but those look sweet!

Now I just need to scrape together 280,000 yen.

Any indication of who will be selling Waterfield in US? Will they come direct? Or go through a rep?

Betsie Bay
Thanks for all the information. Who will be the distributor for the Japanese kayaks?

Water Field Kayaks
I believe the distributor for Water Field Kayaks is going to be Northern Light Paddlesports.