Better get otter here!

:flushed: :scream:

Oh man, I feel bad for laughing while reading that. Two friends and I were blocked on a narrow trail for about half an hour by a very big raccoon who turned out to have babies with her. Funny now, but about a million years ago when it happened it was actually scary.

Why am I not surprised that the attack was instigated by a clueless jogger who left the scene? The world, even a botanic garden, is just a backdrop for a daily run, no doubt with earbuds blocking the annoying birdsong…

They Biggest otter gang I’ve seen were three. that cleaned out the neighbors pond.

Jaw’s with fur.

I saw no mention of a rabies shot for the bitee.

Otters do not belong in an urban park. Especially not a giant herd of them.

I see otters often on remote rivers. They swim under the boat, they chatter as we drift by. They are charming and athletic critters. It is upsetting to see them treated this way. Keep wild animals wild.