Better HRM chest strap?

My Polar HRM strap is probably 6 or 7 years old. It’s the fairly thin hard plastic kind, and it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world. I’d be willing to shell out for a new HRM if they were now coming with better chest straps. Anyone know if newer Polar HRM’s have improved straps?

Polar advice only please- I have the Polar adapter for my rower.


re: Polar Wearlink

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Over two years ago I replaced my older polar chest strap with the Polar WearLink. I also use it on my C2 Rowing Ergometer.

I find it quite comfortable probably because the contacts are "fabric-like". Just run the faucet over both contacts before you put it on to assure a good reading. You can remove the transmitter from the chest strap for washing. The battery is also user replaceable, which is a very nice feature compared to most of the Polar chest transmitters.

The Polar HRM that came with my rower last year is elastic. Just regular old fashioned elastic - like on a pair of tighty-whities.

Plastic ladder lock for adjusting length.

It’s not uncomfortable, although I certainly don’t forget that I’m wearing it.

likewise elastic, maybe a tweak
Mine also has the elastic back strap, replaced it with local elastic when it got too stretched out. I’ve considered adding thin shoulder straps to keep it in place with less pressure, bra-like, but haven’t done so.

I found a pretty good deal ($109) for a F7 with the wearlink transmitter with free shipping/no tax, so i went for that. My old watch isn’t waterproof anymore anyway, so it’s not much use for paddling.


that would pretty much
rule out paddling shirtless, wouldn’t it?

Thumbs up!

That does sound like a good deal. I originally paid $49 for the WearLink when it initially came out, plus shipping.

It appears that MSRP on them is now up to $55. Hey, you snagged a new watch/receiver for only about $50 more.

I have used a number of transmitters/belts over the years. One from Seiko, three from Polar and two from Cardiosport. The WearLink is easily the best and according to Polar can be used with ANY of their watches/receivers.