Better PFD for women kayakers

I had my wife google this for a PDF:

MTI Adjust-a-Bust fit system provides support for women’s bodies; they had a short you tube video that was easy to follow!

She tried it on and was instantly happy with the fit for a womens anatomy. If your looking for more time on the water this summer, this PDF for women, will go along ways for making her want to go out more!

It has two memory foam pads positioned under the bust to offer superior support and pressure distribution

Sports bra inspired racer back shape provides great


looks a lot like many of the Astrals NM

Didn’t Pass Surfski Remount Test
Too bulky up front, which hampers remounting tippy surfski in rough water, according to my daughter, who I bought it for. Instead, she prefers her old Ocean Paddler pfd that has worked for her in cold water remounts after a capsize. Much easier and faster than her new Mocke pfd in remounting too.

My 5’-2" wife got so tired of…
trying different ones on and wasting money on high end ones that wouldn’t fit properly that she finally took hers completely apart and rebuilt it. She has been a happy paddler ever since, even though it’s probably not USCG approved any more.

Jack L

That’s interesting!
So she has the sewing skills.

Luckily I love my Kokotat MsFit.

pfd tango
I had that MTI vest. Didn’t work for me. Bulky. Wound up using none of the pads. Never really got why they were provided.

Sold it to a happy woman.

Found the Kokatat MsFit bulky as well. Man I wanted to like it, too. Returned it.

I use an NRS cVest for touring - all the pockets of a MsFit and less bulk. A Lotus Designs Kosi II for rivers, and a Palm Freestyle Type V for greenland paddling (it has half the padding taken out - I’m a rebel).

It’s good to know what’s out there. But still needs to be tried on.

Now that’s Terrific
Wondering if she repositioned the floatation pads to run vertical rather than horizontal where they get hung up on the gunnels trying to remount? And as you probably already know that USCG approved means for non active users that sit around passively waiting. I prefer the internationally approved pfd’s used in competition, for most were designed to meet the high stress demands of very active paddlers.

Her sewing skills are amazing

– Last Updated: May-31-13 6:08 PM EST –

We have eight children, and at easter she used to made every single one of their outfits, including suits for the boys.
We do a lot of canoe and kayak racing, and they never have T shirts that fit her, so she operates on them and tailor makes them to fit.
I wanted an under deck bag for my kayak, so she made one and cut out circles, sewed on fastek buckles and I had my under deck bag.
On that PFD, she wanted a pocket on the inside, so designed and made one
We wanted a cover bag for our 17 foot Jensen Canoe, so she made it..
I could go on forever about her skills and talents, but in short, I got the best of the best when I got her.
You should see the beautiful custom designed sweaters she knits.
Besides that she is beautiful, and treats me the way a man likes to be treated.
I robbed the cradle when she was 14 and I was 16

And to top it off, she is the best bow paddler a man could ask for

Jack L

Favorite is a youth PFD
Stohlquist Escape for kids.

Short enough for unhindered rotation, simple design, lightweight.

I’ve bought and resold a bunch of expensive adult PFDs. Still have one that would be great IF the foams were half as thick, and overall length and width reduced by 1.5 inches or so.

Even if the kid’s PFD’s buoyancy rating doesn’t measure up in numbers, the combination of it plus my drysuit or wetsuit still floats me. The rest is nitpicking.

Mine is an “Extrasport Chica”, I am
5’2" and it fits my body very well.

PFD fit, for men or women, is much like a boat. No one size fits all. It all depends on ones specific height, torso length and girth. Try before you buy. This is one item I would not buy online unless I could try it on first. It can make a world of difference in how you enjoy the sport.

try before buy
a ‘women’s specific’ vest may fit a man just as well, or better, than it does a woman.

That’s what happened w. the Kokatat MsFit. A few brave men tried one on despite the name and discovered a great fit. It’s now just about the most popular vest that Kokatat sells.

Kokatat Aries in smallest size
They have one size of it for youth XL (or XXL, can’t remember which) or adult XXS. Back foam is thicker on top and thin on the bottom half. Kokatat’s photos give you a good idea of the transition of thickness.

14 lbs flotation, which is less than typical XS adult PFD (16 lbs or so) but more than my Stohlquest Escape youth PFD that has 10 lbs flotation.

I wish I could find one to try on.