better skirt for OT Loon...

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I have a Loon 138, the old kind with no hatch and no bulk heads. the nylon skirt sucks big time, its starting to ket water in past the fabric....does anyone know if there are any high quality ones that wont leak and stay on better than the standard nylon one that OT sells?

Probably have to get one special made…
…because of the cockpit size.

Maybe one of those waterproof sprays.

I’m pretty sure Seals makes one that will fit. Check out They list a pre-2006 Loon 138 in their sizing chart. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can buy directly from Seals, so you’ll probably have to find someone who does. (They have a tool to find online vendors and stores.)

take a look at mountainsurf skirts…

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pretty bomber & pricey(initially!), but they stay on till you take em' off and don't wear out:

Didn’t see any for the Loon 138. I own
a pre 2006 model, so am interested. Seal will make a custom skirt according to the website, but it has to be ordered through a dealer. There are instructions on the website for how to measure/outline the cockpit for ordering a custom skirt.

You say you didn’t see anything for the Loon 138 on their sizing chart? It’s there:

Manufacturer: OLD TOWN CANOE

Model: Loon 138 pre-2006

Nylon Sprayskirt & Cockpit Cover Size: 6.7

Neoprene Sprayskirt Size: Not Available

So they do make them for pre-2006 Loon 138 in Nylon. A quick search on one of their online vendors shows skirts, for example: availalbe in the 6.7 size for the Loon.