Better than Duct Tape?

I just bought a roll. I was convinced when I saw the woven-poly inner and couldn’t come close to ripping it. I imagine many uses where it could be better than duct tape. My big question is how it will adhere to boats and other stuff.

Has anyone tried it?

the new Gorilla tape
waterproof, clean release, you can’t tear it without slicing it first, sticks to anything, available at big box and lumber yards, not very expensive and you’ll use a lot less than you would duct tape which is dirt cheap and a dickens to get it off in one piece. I stopped using Duct tape the minute I saw Gorilla tape. Far superior product.

I do like the glue! NM

Also try
"100-MPH tape" - the green, nondescript military duct tape. Tougher than regular duct tape and the price is right: usually pretty cheap.

Gorilla stays put well wet
I wanted a finger index on my paddle (helps a lot to setup blind for a roll). I laid a thin strip of balsa wood along the shaft and taped with Gorilla tape. I didn’t wrap the shaft, but just laid the tape over the balsa strip and shaft lengthwise. It’s stayed put nicely for at least 30 days of paddling so far.

IF you believe them . . .
The hurricane tape website has a comparison chart showing how it outperforms gorilla tape in different ways. I think it’s main advantage is tensile strength as it is made with a strong fabric. For some applications it would be better, maybe not for others.

I’d pay almost…

…anything for a roll, with or without tape.

Besides the strength and stickiness,
do these new tapes have the ability to conform and adjust to irregular surfaces?

duck tape
is spelled d-u-c-k

duck tape is inferior to duct tape
Duck tape is just a cheap knockoff of duct tape.

Best Duct tape
Try Nashua 357. Best duct tape I’ve ever found. Matter of fact, someone recommended it on this forum.

duck tape is duct tape
spelled correctly

According to Wikipedia
It was called Duct Tape because it was commonly used on ducts in houses.

Luck at the two in the store.
Duck tape is just plastic-like tape with no imbedded fibers. Duct tape is stronger because of the embedded fibers.

I’m not talking about Duck Tape™
I’m talking about duck tape (a.k.a. “duct” tape)

when’s the last time you used tape
on a duct?

Duck Tape™ came out LONG after people were calling “duct” tape duck

(power to the hoi polloi!)

no residue

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I used it to temporarily install kneeling pads in a canoe. It worked great and there was no residue when I removed them a month later. I would definitely use it over duct tape where I was concerned about removal and residue.

I have used both
I have used both 100mph/military tape and Gorilla tape. Gorilla tape sticks much better.


duct tape for ducts was terrible!
You had to use half a roll to get one joint to stay put long enough to go on to the next joint. Last time I ever used it was sticking kneepads in a canoe temporarily and I never did get that residue out, what a mess. I agree with Clarion…go gorilla!