Better way to transport?

-- Last Updated: Jul-15-05 2:16 PM EST --

What would be better for transport of 2 America 13.5's? Something like the Yakima Hull Raisers/Thule 835XT Hull-a-Port kayak racks or a Yakima kayak stacker. I have only the 2 kayaks at this point, but will be getting another on by the end of the summer--so I will need to eventually transport 3 kayaks.

OR---do I need any kind of rack accesory at all if I am only transporting 2 kayaks. Can they just go flat on the crossbars?

I have a Yakima rack with 58" crossbars. Thanks

I have Thule stackers
I have hauled one boat, 2 boats, and 3 boats with the stackers. They are very versatile and fold conveniently out of the way when not in use (much like the TABLEMATE™) as seen on TV.

If you buy other rack systems (like cradles) you’ll have to get a set for each kayak. Two America’s will fit on the crossbars (deck down, hull up) without need for a rack system, but 3 probably won’t fit.

Pipe insulation on crossbars
No need for Hull Raisers or Mako’s. I did that and then eventually removed them. I now Pad the bars and use a kayak stacker.

Much more flexible for hauling options and many more boats on top.


For the three Yaks…
get two sets of J cradles and one set pf plain cradles.

Use the J ones on the outsides and the regulars in the center.

If you get the longer bars you can haul 4 Yaks if you want to.