Beware "Ft. Carson" scammer

Just FYI: There is a scammer who says he cannot check out the kayak in person b/c he is in the military stationed at Ft. Carson, He wants to send the usual “bank certified check” and have a shipper pick it up. This follows along the lines of the typical scam. Do NOT accept anything from him. I gave him the address of a police station for sending his “check!”

And who are you?
Not noticed you around here before.

Based on the advice that the Muddler offered; he is
probably NOT the " Fort Carson scum ".

Some people call them scammers; I call them “scum”.
And other, much less charitable names, that would likely get me banned from this website.

I hate a thief, and that’s what they are.


Who doesn’t know about this family of scams these days? They have been well publicized.

Sad they’re still finding ignorant suckers.

Don’t even reply that kind of emails. They may get your name and email address that way.

With Sparky. Who would even fall for this?

Look familiar _--------

Thanks for the update am ok with the price and condition currently out of town due to the nature of my job (Military)now at Fort Carson Army Base Colorado my mode of payment will be a bank issued certified check and i only have access to email for now.I need the name and address so that the Check can be mail out also my shipper will come for the pick up.Let me know how you will like to proceed with this and get the Payment.Travis