Beware InfinitiPhoto

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Infiniti Photo had a good price on the pentax optio wpi so I bought it. The next day (today) they called and wanted to talk to me about the order. They were actually going to try to sell me a camera with lesser battery, warranty and charger in an attempt to get me to buy those upgrades from them instead of the manufacturer. I finally hung up in their face when they became argumentative. It is a pressure tactic because you have to buy those items over the phone or your order is cancelled. At one point he told me I was getting the manufacturer's warranty before I questioned him further only to find that was not true.

The things he was selling at that price were:
1. battery- life is 20 minutes
2. warranty- 90 day
3. charger- not sure

That’s how many of them are
Every time I found a good price on equipment I’d Google that store and found many horror stories. I stick with a very good source for camera/video: B&H photo

Here’s a list of store reviews

Not complete by any means but helpful

Just put any shops name in a search
engine and read what people have to say about them. Most of the shops that I have seen with really good prices are bad.

What the warranty should be
Warranty Information

PENTAX products originally distributed by PENTAX Imaging Company, 600 12th Street, Suite 300, Golden, Colorado 80401, have a limited One Year Warranty starting from the date of purchase. This limited warranty covers any defects in original factory materials and workmanship. If your PENTAX product malfunctions due to such a defect within this one year period, PENTAX Imaging Company will repair it at no charge within a reasonable amount of time. This warranty doesn’t cover any damage caused to the product including, but not limited to: impact, moisture, liquid, sand, excessive temperature, battery leakage, chemical corrosion, mishandling, operation contrary to operating instructions, tampering, modification, or servicing by an unauthorized repair shop. PENTAX shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages, such as film replacement, film processing, batteries, travel expenses, loss of time, etc. This warranty only applies to PENTAX photographic equipment originally distributed in the United States by PENTAX Imaging Company, 600 12th Street, Suite 300, Golden, Colorado 80401.

B&H Photo
Have not purchased from them in several years, but I was pleased with their service and prices.

I bought my Optio there, had it in 2 days, love it.

This fall I’ve already spent time in the indoor pool at our club with my 6yo daughter taking underwater videos of her swimming around… very very cool.

And the battery life in normal use… in my experience… is about 2 weeks.

I use is a good resource for checking on unfamiliar vendors. Infinitiphot has some of the worst ratings I’ve seen. I use BHPhoto, good prices, excellent service.