Beware of scammers

There are several scammers pretending to be interested in buying things advertised for sale and the scams are very similar and would actually take a dumb person to fall for it. I have received four offers for a canoe from people living over 800 miles from me, offering to send electronic cashiers checks for more than the selling price and then asking me to wire the overage to their bank account. You also know they are scamming you when they insist on you communicating with them directly to their Gmail email address instead of communicating through the website. I thought Craigslist was full of scammers but Paddling .com is just as bad.

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They’re everywhere. Just about anyone who lists anything of value gets hit. Thanks for the reminder to be aware !

There is a difference between dumb and ignorant. Maybe your post will help the ignorant avoid being taken, but I see no need to call them dumb.