Beyond the Cockpit DVD...your input?

I’ve read the few reviews…just wondering if anyone else has anything to say about this DVD. Is it worth spending the cash on it?

It’s OK
but the actual class was a lot better.

Dated with poor production quality…
content is so-so. I have it on VHS and would gladly send it to you at no charge…just send me a self-addressed stamped envelope with the correct postage on it…I’d be happy to get this one off of my shelf.

The Nigel Foster series DVD on directional control is much better…not the most exciting DVD, but it’s got great content and is well filmed.

Worth It

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I liked it, Good instruction and tips. Kind of convinces you to do some more with leans and paddle work. I found it to be fun . There is a sit down story at the end and it was very funny. I would buy or accept the freeby from Kayak41north ( very kind gesture ). I look at it as any info you can get to help you improve or enjoy is worth the money and time. Derek Hutchinson is very likeable and adds fun to the lesson. Even new its less than a tank of gas, so go for it. Plus a fun video on a cold winter day.

last week off
the youngest daughter watched the DVD…we went out and practiced…that evening she asked what could she watch, I told her she had done her homework (i.e. the first watching of Beyond the Cockpit) and that she was free to watch what ever she wanted.

Next morning after breakfast she request rescue practice! Not bad for an eleven year old…The DVD is dated but Derek is funny and I actually liked watching the comraderie between Derek and Wayne…

I agree
that it is a good watch. It will encourage you to try some things and enjoy your kayak more. Take him up on his offer to send it to you. You’ll enjoy it.

The whole thing could have been about 15 minutes long and still just as informative.

'Beyond the Cockpit" is worthwhile…
but only if you take notes and practice. helpfully, the University of Sea Kayaking Web site has taken notes for us. You can just print them out, put it in a water tight sleave, and tuck it in your pfd when your on the water.

This stuff has to be practiced, like learning any new skill. After a while, you develop a feel in your hands for what the water is doing under your blade, and what it enables you to do.

the stuff he shows really works. It also takes practice to build confidence to use these methods in a real situation.

personally, I enjoy all the personality and humor that comes from DH too, and his co- instructor Wayne Horodowich, another expert. USK is WH’s group.

Dated? Well, it looks like it was shot on video, so it’s not as glossy as some other yaking DVDs nor does it have advanced graphics.

The class is great too. I use the DVD as a refresher.