Bffalo in August?

Hello everyone,

We are headin to Arkansas, and I was planning on planning a three day float down a section of the Buffalo for the middle part of next month. I’ve never been on the river, but have been looking forward to squeezing a trip in. My concern is that the water levels are very low this time of year and certain sections may be unrunnable.

I was hoping that someone familiar with the Buffalo might recommend one of the more senic three day floats that would be runnable this time of year. I would like to do something in the upper portion of the river. And if anyone might recommend an outfitter with quality rental canoes, that’d be great.

Thanks a bunch, I’ll let ya’ll know how the trip goes.

where you goin’ city boy

buffalo in aug
We have had nearly two years of drought here in Arkansas so the rivers are all running low. The lower sections of the buffalo should still be paddle-able but you can forget the upper sections unless we get a substantial rain (which is unlikely this time of year). From the buffalo point campground (where highway 14 crosses the river) to buffalo city (where the buffalo meets the white river) is about 30 miles. This is the section I would float in late summer.