Bic Yakka 80 -- anyone experience one?

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I don't have a good portable kayak at this time. I have read about the folders (expensive) and about the inflatables (sluggish). Anyone try one of these new foldable Bics? Especially the Yakka 80, which is 9 feet four inches. An idea for back of the car/truck impromptu paddles on gentle water lakes and small streasm (not ocean), or a pipedream that these could be any good?

I thought I saw something on here in the past about this, but cannot find it now and no reviews. Thanks


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I just asked a similar question over there, check under the "Tucktech" post under "What boat for me?" forum.

Doesn't look like a lot of info available on these yaks from Bic Kayaks. I have no idea what size you are, but the 80 is for folks up to 176 lbs, and the Yakka 120 is for folks that are heavier than that. According to the Bic Kayak website they are the same price. I'd try to find the 120 if you plan on carrying anything.


ps: The Bic Yakka 80 can be had for $499 over at Dicks Sporting Goods.

Bic Yakka 80 is here.

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Arrived today. Opened in my foyer. Looks like a very nice boat on dry land. Well made, closes well. Red on white. Might fit the bill for travelling boat. I'm going to listen to some Dionne Warwick and find my way to San Jose. Tomorrow, the litmus test: water.

PS: And yes, you can inflate it with your mouth. I just did.

PPS: It stayed inflated over night. Woo hoo!

Let us know what your impressiong are, where you kayaked, conditions etc…



Bic Yakka 80 Inaugural Paddle

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Well, the famous Yakka 80 hit the pond behind my house tonight and it is a sweet ride! I am 165 lbs, and even though this baby is rated to 176 lbs, I did ont have the side seams in the waterline, and it felt fine. It paddles fast for a 9 foot 4 inch boat, and the workmanship of the build seems very good. Nice seams. Excellent blow hole (single chamber). I wonder if the sides even need to be inflated at all as the hull, plastic, seesm to be supporting me in the water, not the inflatable sides. Speed? Very nice using a Werner high angle paddle and style. I was impressed My mainm fear was that it;d paddle like a cement boat in an oil slick, but it really was impressive. Sure, it turns very easily, and I was on flatwater with no breeze, but I felt very comfotable speed-wise for teh 30 minute paddle.

I was able, again, to blow it up with my mouth and pump required. When closed, it has enough room inside for a paddle, and for a PFD... so it can be one neat unit. My goal was to have the smallest package available, and that is why I did not get the 120. I am glad I have this one, although a heavier paddler would need the 120.

Drawbacks? Water. It is a sit on toip design, and as someone mentioned in anothe rthread, it does seem to fill with water. i think it comes in on the split line in middle, but not sure. The more I paddled, the more water can in. I was definietly sitting in water by the end, and the back of the vessel had quite a store of water. The scupper holes(?), which it does have, seemed not to drain the water very well. I have to experiment with it and see if this will be a big issue, and I will get back to you all. It is essentially a SOT, so getting wet is the name of the game in this boat, But I think overall I may have a winner in the transportable boat category.

Just out of curriousity, where did you buy it and how much was shipping? It is small enough (folded) to fit in the trunk of a mid-sized car?

Yep, keep us updated as you get some more time in it.

Second paddle 60 minutes

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I was out in the pond behind my house for 55 minutes in the Bic Yakka 80 tonight. See my initial impressions above. Please note these recent findings:

I used a Werner 220 cm high angle paddle and it was sweet, rarely hit the inflatable side, and was fine. No need a longer paddle despite the Yakka's healthy beam.

It is a tad slower than I thought intially, but still faster than I would have thought an inflatable to be. It is the plastci hull that is the savior here. Smooth. Still, I find it plenty fast enough for it's intended purpose: quick paddles on the go.

The water coming in was a concen first time out, but I have made an observation that it comes in to a certain extent, and then nseems to not come in any more. So yes, there is water in the boat, but it stays to the back aqnd then the scuppers (is that the right term) kick in and keeps them at bay. I did place a Surf to Summit seat from my other sit on top tandem on the yAKka (it has built in clips for a seat back), and it kept me dry and with nice back rest. I would say that a SOT seat like the S to S is mandatory for this kayak ($40).

I really like this boat. Ask if any questions, and paddle hard and I wil write a formal review after I have paddled it for a couple more months. Ciao, ragazzo.

Glad to hear you like it

Our Solar II is due to arrive Thurs. Hope it goes as well as your Bic.

There is a new review of the Solar II on the Product Review page.

Sounds pretty good for what we’re looking for.

Or at least I hope so.