Bicycle carts

With all these 3-day weekends coming up, I am faced with a paddle buddy who depends on me and my car to get to the lake. Since he is unemployed at this time, he can’t share gas and parking so I was thinking of building him and me a kayak cart for a bicycle. He lives a lot closer to the lake than I do.

I have a few ideas to try out. All I really need are a couple bike wheels and a make-shift frame with a U-Joint to hook the thing to a bicycle.

So, has anyone made or bought one?

If so, what did you find works and doesn’t work?

If you could modify it or do it again, what would you do?

I’m looking for constructive hints and ideas for my car-port work-shop here. or links to home-projects that will do.


Sea Kayaker mag
had a how-to story several years ago about building a cart for the stern and using a split section of 4" schedyle 40 PVC pipe to make a yoke for the bow stem. You then used nylon load straps to secure the kayak/cart to a cargo rack on a bike.

I searched their site, but the article is apparently not on -line. I will look through my old issues, and if I find it I could scan it and send it to you.


i would love a copy too if possible!
thanks r

another option

Price seems reasonable…I’ve seen thesee before but I might have to look into it further myself.

Child Trailer…
I bought a used one for 15 dollars at a yard sale, and sripped it down to the frame and wheels…all I had to do then was extend the attachment bar with a long piece of pipe…

Attachment straps and a little finagle with the foam blocks, and wallah!

That trailer
is essentially the setup that Seakayaker Mag detailed.


I wish there was more room…
…in a kayak. That is pretty neat how they can break down the bike and tow rig and place it all into the canoe. Be great to do that with a kayak - true self shuttling…

link to it

While I know I can make this work with the 13.5 america I’m wondering if it could be adapted to a 17’ artic tern.

Beats the hell out of firing up the ranger for what is a 5 mile drive.

Beater bike, simply remove cart wheels and cable lock em along with the bike.

Definitely might need to use the bike paths with something like this tho

No luck so far
in locating that issue of Sk Mag. My filing system is not well organized.