Bicycle Tire Grunch Pads

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I've told a few folks about these and got the impression they didn't believe me.

According to Ken he put them on his new Bluehole Sunburst 20 years ago. The boat shows its age. The pads don't.
He says they are trouble free and don't stick to rocks.
I wish he remembered what he glued them on with.


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Bad Link?

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I get a notice that I'm "not authorized to view this page". I see that the word "owner" is in the link, so it's probably not a public link.

Yep, the modified links work. Interesting that those tires don't grab the rocks. I would have expected otherwise. Maybe they're made from pretty hard rubber. "Necessity is the mother of invention", and I'm often amazed at what sort of do-it-yourself ideas people come up with.

Incidentally, I just got bike tires that have a kevlar belt.

Do these strengthen the stem, or just absorb and distribute the force a bit?

Other than price, what advantages do the bike tires have over kevlar felt?

Thanks for posting this. I find it interesting.

I believed you but thought it was funny
… when you said, “the boat was pretty much beat, but the bicycle tires still looked brand new!”

Wet rubber
If you’ve ever tried to ride a wide-tired mountain bike on wet pavement or especially river rocks with some slime on them, you wouldn’t question that these don’t stick to rocks.

I wonder if the new tires out today with their much different tire treads would be as non-grippy (for lack of a better term). Also, I wonder what the tread pattern does to his hull speed. Look’s like he’s river running, not flat water paddling, but around here, there are a lot of places where you have to paddle flat, nearly dead water on the river.

If you find out what he used for adhesive, let us know.


tire bumper on canoe
so could you give us the secret…tip on how it stayed on what did you used to hold the tired with…we paddles love ideas…it worth saving the front front banging and gashes…

Wait for my new canoes with bicycle
tires and wheels built into the stems. You just paddle up against the shore, and then pedal away. The boat rolls up on the beach without the hull touching.

I bet Vyna-Bond would work
Vyna-bond reminds me of rubber cement in the way that it works - I bet it would bond to a tire. I bet Shoe-Goo would work too, as that stuff effectively disolves rubber, just temporarily, to create a very solid bond that is more of a weld than a glue joint. I’d want to test it ahead of time on a small spot on the hull, to make sure it’ll actually do the job.