Bicycle trailer rigged for yak

Anybody converted a bicycle trailer to use with a yak? The trailers (Burley or Aosom) all carry up to 100 lbs and seem wide enough to carry a yak. At $150-200 might be a good way to go for a cheepo option.

I wouldn’t hack up a cargo trailer for that. Might be easier to make a dolly for the middle of the boat, and a yoke that attaches to the bow of the boat and the seatpost on the bike.

I’ve seen commercial boat trailers for bikes, but they seem easy enough to make depending on the boat you have.

I have a Burley flatbed cargo trailer that I use for grocery shopping, etc, and I can’t see how you’d modify it to tow a kayak — way too close to the bike - you need to balance the load over the wheels optimally, in order to not affect the handling of the bike negatively.

I tow a lot more weight with my Burley than any of my canoes or kayaks weigh, so it’s very doable – how you do it matters most.

I built one out of
an old Burly Bike Trailer. I posted a photo on another site:

Bicycle trailer
Thanks for the link. I did not find the picture on that link. Is this something you could also attach to your car? Are these built strong enough?

Here is a great option…
Take a look at the one Benjamin builds using reclaimed woods. He does beautiful work!

Non-Facebook source?
Is this pic available somewhere other than Facebook? I don’t have an account and don’t want one.

I don’t think so Bryan, not yet. I’ll email him later and see if we can get some photos.

What is your email address?

Cheers…Joe O’

Sea Kayaker Mag
had a feature about trailers a number of years ago. I searched the online articles, but no luck. They tried a commercial bike-pulled kayak trailer and showed plans for a DIY project. You might contact them for a reprint.


bicycle trailers
No absolutely not, also not legal.

Bicycle trailers are designed to be very light and for fairly slow speeds, they are not intended for use behind the car.

Bill H.

Wike canoe boat trailer
We have a Wike child trailer and like the product especially for its’ elegant engineering. I see that they maya canoe cart and bike trailer assembly. You could probably just buy the bike hitch if you have a boat dolly already.

If you want to tow a yak behind a bike…
and willing to spend $200, no need to “convert” anything. There exist a couple of different bike-towed yak trailers on the market. A quick serch will un-earth them.

I’ve actually riden one of such contraption. It was surprisingly good. I was able to ride (towing the yak) around a swimming pool, through a narrow foot path and snaked my way through a couple of display booths without any ill effect. (didn’t knock anything down, didn’t fall into the water)

If you want a yak trailer to be tow behind a car, you need about 5 times the expense for a new one!

Trailes SUT 200
The Trailex SUT 200 might work for both. I use one to trailer my kayak behind a car, but it moves around so easily that I have used it instead of a kayak cart. It would make for a work out, but it might just be doable. The trailer weighs about 100 lbs.

bicycle kayak trailer
the trailer I built is posted in the “rigged kayaks” photo section of this web site:

You will need to page around a couple clicks to get to it. The photo shows my Cobra hooked onto the trailer and bike.