Bicyles with kayaks?

Would like to know how to best bring along a road bike bicylce on a kayaking journey? Any suggestions on how to best mount a bike to a sea kayak?

An;yone know how to take an elephant

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on an ultralight? Sorry couldn't resist.

Maybe a folding bicycle lashed down on top of the front cockpit of a large tandem kayak. One problem is that the weight of even a light bicycle will make the kayak top heavy.

Sounds like a great way to do a trip, though, if you can pull it off.

Maybe mount one of these on the stern

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Might make rolling a lot harder. Other than that, Get a Folbot GreenlanderII and carry it with you. Also get an inflatable raft or kayak and tow it behind you.

Tow it!
Maybe you can tow it in a floating dingy… Will be a tough workout though!


Outrigger with platform

In the Rear Hatch of course…

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Try using an outfitter that will preposition a bicycle for you, perhaps meet you at the end of each kayak leg with a bike, take your kayak, and swap them out again at your request…the best of both worlds…


Look for rust resistance…

Put 'em both on the same roof rack?
It would take an awfully big boat even to fit something like a Bike Friday inside, but something along that line is probably your best bet.

Check this out

She used a folding bike.

Take the fricking wheels off, bungee
them to one of the decks and the frame to the other. Stay dry, don’t wanta mess up your bike.

On the boat?
I know someone who tried that about 8 or 9 years ago. He came up with a mount on his SOT, put his bike on it, and headed off to Fishers Island (3 miles offshore of Groton, CT).

There is a really nice mountain bike at the bottom of the bay now. I’m told he made it out almost a whole half mile before he capsized.

To quote one instructor I know: “You should have nothing on the deck”